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 BritZa Studios, Inc. 

Spring Recital 2018 

Dress Rehearsal May 10, Performances May 11 & 12 

Dear Parents: 

With our performances just weeks away, we wanted to inform you of the following schedules and guidelines. With everyone’s cooperation, the remaining rehearsals and the performances will go smoothly and we will have a fantastic show! 


Please realize that once the costumes leave the studio, they are your responsibility. If something should happen to them, they cannot be replaced and your child will not be allowed to perform without his/her costume. Also, please have straps sewn and any other alterations done no later than dress rehearsal. (Safety pins are not reliable nor acceptable.) 

Individual/Class Pictures 

On Monday-Wednesday, April 9th-11th, Schneller Photography will be at the studio for individual and class photos. Order envelopes will be available at the studio in April. Please fill out one envelope for each class of which you would like a photo and include your payment made payable to Schneller Photography. Please BE ON TIME and understand that this gets rather hectic so plan to be flexible! 

Due to the three-day photo session, classes will meet at the following times: 

Picture Week Schedule 

Monday, April 9th 

3:45 Babes

4:10 1/2nd Jazz 

4:30 1/2nd Musical Theatre 

4:40 3rd Ballet 

5:00 3/4th Tap 

5:20 4th Ballet 

5:40 3/4th Jazz 

6:05 5/6th Hip Hop 

6:25 5/6th Tap 

6:45 7-9th Ballet 

7:15 7-9th Pointe 

7:30 6-12th Clogging 

7:45 7-9th Musical Theatre 

Tuesday, April 10th 

4:00 1st Ballet 

4:25 1/2nd Tap 

4:50 2nd Ballet 

5:10 5th Ballet 

5:25 5/6th Jazz 

5:40 6th Ballet 

6:00 5/6th Musical Theatre 

6:15 5/6th Lyrical 

6:35 7-9th Tap 

6:55 7-9th Jazz 

7:10 7-9th Hip Hop 

7:30 7-9th Lyrical 

Wednesday, April 11th 

4:00 Pre/K 

4:25 Kind. Ballet 

4:40 Kind. Tap 

5:00 3/4th Musical Theatre 

5:10 3/4th Hip Hop 

5:30 Advanced Musical Theatre 

5:50 Advanced Hip Hop 

6:05 Advanced Ballet 

6:30 Advanced Pointe 

6:45 Advanced Tap 

7:00 Advanced Jazz 

7:20 Advanced Lyrical 

7:45 Solos 

Classes Schedule Adjustments for May 7th & 8th 

During performance week, May 7th-12th, all classes will meet on Monday & Tuesday. The studio will be closed on Wednesday, May 9th. 

Monday, May 7th 

4:00-4:30 Babes & Kind. Ballet 

4:30-4:45 Kind. Tap & 1/2nd Tap 

4:45-5:30 1st Ballet, 2nd Ballet, 1/2nd Jazz & 1/2nd Musical Theatre 

5:45-7:00 7-9th Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop & Musical Theatre 

7:00-7:15- 7-9th Tap, Advanced Tap & Clogging 

7:15-8:15 Advanced Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical & Hip Hop 

Tuesday, May 8th 

4:00-4:30 Pre/K, 3rd Ballet & 4th Ballet 

4:30-4:50 3/4th Jazz, Hip Hop & Musical Theatre 

4:50-5:05 3/4th Tap, 5/6th Tap 

5:05-6:00 5/6th Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical & Hip Hop 

Dress Rehearsal 

Dress rehearsal is scheduled for Thursday, May 10th, at the Washington Pavilion. Rehearsal begins at 4:30 P.M. and will finish by 7:00 P.M. We will run the show straight through one time. 

Please use the backstage entrance located at the NW corner of the Pavilion. Everyone needs to go through security when they arrive!! 

All students need to be dressed and ready at the Pavilion by 4:15 P.M. Students may come in their costume or we have dressing rooms available. Hair needs to be back off the face—ponytails, buns, braids; or barrettes for shorter hair. (Do NOT wear dance shoes outside!!!) 

Make-up is not required for dress rehearsal. 

If possible, please allow your child(ren) to stay for the entire rehearsal as it will be their only chance to watch the show. 

We understand that children need a snack after school. Please take care of this prior to arriving at the Pavilion. Food and/or drink is not to be taken into the performance hall. 

Please be sure to write your children’s names in all of their costumes and shoes. 

Costumes/shoes can be left in the dressing rooms both Thursday and Friday nights if you wish. 

Please understand that an adult needs to be with and supervise all students under age 12 during the dress rehearsal as we do not have backstage or dressing room help scheduled. 

Dress rehearsal is for BritZa families only. If you have someone special who can’t be at either performance, please let us know and arrangements will be made for their attendance at dress rehearsal. This is not open to the public and all special guests must be approved by Miss Amanda or Miss Jill and on a list for Pavilion security. 

Performance Schedule 

The Performances are scheduled for 7 PM on Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th. 

Students need to arrive at the Pavilion as outlined below: 

5:00 P.M. High School Students 

5:15 P.M. Middle School Students 

5:45 P.M. Elementary students 

6:15 P.M. Babes & Pre/K 

When you arrive at the Pavilion, go to the backstage entrance where you will be greeted and directed to your dressing room. Parents who are not helping backstage may escort their child to their dressing room and help them get ready. However, they need to leave the backstage area no later than 6:45 PM. We ask that a female family member attend to the students as we have many young ladies dressing backstage. If this is a problem, please call us to make special arrangements. 

Make Up 

Make up stations will be set up backstage and the make-up helpers will apply the stage make-up. If you wish to purchase a theatrical make-up kit and apply it at home prior to your arrival, kits are available for sale at the studio. The kits are $65 and include foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, blush and eyeliner. We wear this same make-up every year and it is the only acceptable make up for our performances. The kit will last for several years and a limited number are available. 


Please keep in mind that this is not prom, a wedding or fashion show! The hairstyles need to be secure for dancing — no beads, sequins, glitter, feathers, weaves or blue/green/pink hair coloring will be allowed!! All students (including Hip Hop) with medium length or long hair need to have their hair in a bun or braided and pinned up. Ponytails, ringlets or braids hanging down are not allowed. Students with short hair need to have it styled and sprayed in place. We will have hairstylists backstage styling hair prior to both performances. The cost is $15. Please send the payment with your child to their appointment in an envelope with their name on it – do not pay BritZa!! 

Sign up sheets will be posted at the studio on Monday, March 19th at 4:00pm. 

Video Cameras and Flash Photography 

Video cameras are allowed during dress rehearsal as well as during both performances. Please be mindful of others seated near you. 

Flash photography pictures are allowed only during dress rehearsal. No flash photography during the performances. 

Media Productions will be filming the performance and is offering copies of the DVD for $28 each. Order forms will be available at the studio in April. Please complete a form and return it along with your check made payable to “Media Productions”. DVDs need to be ordered and paid for prior to the performance.  

Expectations of Students/Parents 

This is a professional show and all students are expected to remain backstage during the entire performance. 

Babes, Pre/K & Kindergarten Classes will be dismissed during Intermission to sit with their parents for the second half of the performance. They may not, however, be in costume. The security personnel will have a list of names of these students, and parents who will be picking them up in their dressing room at Intermission. Again, we ask that one female family member attend to this. 

No gum, candy or pop will be allowed backstage during the performances. We do suggest bringing water bottles. 

No extra hair pieces or hair accessories will be allowed unless they are part of the costume. 

No nail polish will be allowed. 

No jewelry, including earrings, during the performance. (Do not get your ears pierced in the next few weeks!) 

No cell phones are allowed backstage, or any device that can take a picture!! Please help us enforce this rule for the safety of all the students! Any device of this nature will be taken away and held by Miss Amanda & Miss Jill until the conclusion of the performance!!! Zero Tolerance. 

No panties are to be worn under costumes. All female students are to wear full-footed or convertible Capezio brand theatrical pink tights unless otherwise directed by their teacher. The exception is the Babes & Pre/K students who need to wear white panties as they do not wear tights. Tights are available through BritZa! Log into your account at 

All male dancers need to wear compression shorts under costumes!! 

Due to the size of this production, the students and staff need a great deal of help from you as parents. If you are able to help with makeup or assist backstage, it would be greatly appreciated. NEW THIS YEAR! A SignUp Genius will be emailed on Monday, March 19th at 10:00AM.  

No parents are allowed backstage or in dressing rooms during the show or at Intermission unless you are signed up to help with a particular class or are the parent of a Babe, Pre/K & Kindergarten student who needs to pick up a child at Intermission. We feel accountable and responsible for all the students backstage and we make it a priority to have security in place at all times. 

At the conclusion of each performance, elementary-aged students will be held in their dressing rooms until they are picked up by a female family member. Those of you who sign up to help backstage during the performance need to remain in the dressing rooms until all students have been picked up!!! After the Saturday performance, all students will remain backstage until their dressing room is tidy and a BritZa staff member has checked the room and released the students. This is a team effort! Parents, please be patient!! 

Performance Seating/Tickets 

All seats are reserved and are $20.50 each for adults and $15.50 each for students on a first come, first served basis. 

Tickets will be sold by the Pavilion box office and go on sale Saturday, April 7th, at 9:30 AM. 

The number to call is 367-6000. Please be advised that all tickets will be charged a $3.00 facility fee by the Washington Pavilion as well as 9% tax. If you order your tickets by phone, there is an added charge of $3.00 per ticket. We suggest purchasing your tickets in person at the Pavilion or online at 

If you’re willing to help with makeup prior to a performance or assist backstage with your child’s class, you will receive two complimentary tickets for the performance of your choice. Your name will be on a “comp list” at the box office. You will still need to call or go to the box office to reserve your seats. Please advise the box office of your comp tickets when you purchase your seats. Backstage help SignUp Genius will be emailed on Mon., March 19th at 10:00AM. 

Miscellaneous Info 

Your monthly payment for May and your yearly account need to be paid in full by Tuesday May 9th. The full monthly tuition is due for the month of May, as we have had 36 classes during the year including the dress rehearsal and performances. Contact Mary Beth by email ( if you have questions regarding your account. 

A helpful hint to parents with children in the performance for the first time: Many of the students receive flowers from their parents following the performances. It is a very special time for them! Young & Richards will be taking flower orders and deliver to the Pavilion on each performance night. Order forms will be available at the studio in April. 

In the past we have had some families bring treats such as frosted cookies as a gift. This has made a huge mess backstage. Please help us teach your children to respect the Pavilion’s beautiful performance facility as we always leave our dressing rooms tidy and as clean as possible! Gifts of food are not appropriate! 

The performances are open to the public so please invite as many friends, teachers, relatives & neighbors as you wish. 

During the next few weeks, we often have classes meet at the same time and/or have soloists come in. Please understand that we do this to prepare your child for an audience as well as to keep up their enthusiasm for the performances. 

The students are doing a wonderful job on their performance work, 

and we look forward to a spectacular show! 

If you have any questions, please email us or call us at home in the mornings. 

Miss Amanda - 271-5053 ( or Miss Jill - 371-3650 (