BritZa Studios, Inc.

3400 S. Bedford Avenue  Sioux Falls, SD 57103 Studio: 371‐8888

Welcome to the 2018-19 dance year! 

We have a very exciting dance year ahead of us. To make this year successful for your child, 

we ask that the following rules and guidelines be applied. 

Appropriate Class Attire
For questions regarding appropriate attire for each class please visit the "Class Uniforms" page of our website.  

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to order dance apparel through BritZa.  We can order anything from for you and have it ready to be picked up at the studio.  We have a size run of shoes and leotards at the studio for you to try on to confirm what size you need! Contact Miss Emily at if you have questions regarding ordering merchandise!

Rules and Regulations
1. Class begins and ends on time. 
Please make it a priority to have your child to the studio five to ten minutes before his/her class begins. Students need to be on time so that they can be properly warmed up in order to reduce the chance of injury. The studio opens 15 minutes prior to the 1st class of the day and closes 5 minutes after the last class of the day is finished!

2. Parking.
To keep traffic flowing, please find a parking place in our lot or the Fareway lot. We ask that you do not park on Bedford or in front of the garage at any time.

3. Parents are invited to wait quietly in the lobby area or Dancer Den during class.
Students are required to remain in the studio and not allowed to talk with their parents. Siblings are also welcome in the lobby but must be supervised at all times. The studio is not equipped to handle children who are not able to sit quietly.

4. Cell Phones.
Please remember to silence all cell phones.  No pictures or videos are permitted without teacher's consent.

5. Payment of monthly fees. (Please login to your online account to see what you owe for tuition.)
    •    Your monthly fee is due the first class of each month. (August tuition for all students is 50% of normal monthly tuition.
    •    Sales tax is added to your monthly tuition.
    •    Please make checks payable to BritZa Studios.
    •    Please understand that we’re on a budget and have monthly bills; therefore, everyone needs to pay their monthly fee even if your child has missed class.
    •    There will be a $10 service charge for accounts that are 30 days past due, a $20 service charge for accounts 60 days past due, and so on.
    •    Online Account Access & AutoPay You may pay through your online account.  All registered families have an account already set up for them.  

  • Simply go to the "Home" page and click "Sign Into My BritZa Account"  Your Login is your email.  Press "Forgot Password" and a temporary one will be sent to you.  
  • Please make sure all of your contact info is correct
  • Enter credit card info.  You can pay manually each month, or check the box next to "Yes, sign me up for AutoPay"  Charges will be applied to your card on the 5th of each month.  If you’re signed up for AutoPay last year, it will automatically start again this year.  August Tuition will be run on August 20th.
  • You can also view your payment history and tuition charges by clicking "View Financial History"  To see the details of each charge click the "+" sign to the left of each charge.
      •    If you have payment questions, contact Mary Beth at

6. Update your Contact Information!
Please take a moment to log into your account and make sure that the information we have on-file is up to date! Correct phone numbers are of the upmost importance when needing to contact you in the case of an emergency!  Click Here!
7. Class Postponements.
If Sioux Falls Public Schools close due to weather conditions, the studio may also be closed. If it storms in the morning and clears by afternoon, we may still have class.  If there is a storm in the afternoon or evening the studio may close even if school was not canceled. This decision will be based on the road conditions in Sioux Falls. If you live outside of Sioux Falls, you will need to decide if it’s safe for you to bring your child to dance. Please check KELO Closeline or go to our website home page  We will also post class updates on the BritZa Facebook page. A make up schedule will be emailed to you. If school is closed due to a holiday, please refer to the schedule provided below.

8. Remove your shoes.
In an effort to keep the public areas clean for dance shoes, all students must leave their street shoes at the entry. As the weather becomes inclement, parents, siblings & visitors will also be asked to remove their shoes.

9. Mark Your Calendars!
    •    Holiday Show - Sunday, December 2, 2018
    •    Spring Performances - May 9-11, 2018

Schedule Changes due to Holidays/Public School Closed:

Aug. 20 21, 22, 23  Classes Begin
Sept. 3 Labor Day - NO CLASSES
Nov. 20‐25 Thanksgiving - NO CLASSES
Dec. 2  Holiday Show Performance (for classes involved)
Dec. 21‐Jan. 1  Christmas - NO CLASSES    
Jan. 2 Classes resume
Feb. 18‐19 Presidents’ Day Break - YES WE HAVE CLASSES!
April 22 Easter Monday - YES WE HAVE CLASSES!
May 6 & 7 Will have adjusted schedules (TBA)
May 9 Dress Rehearsal at the Washington Pavilion
May 10 & 11 Performances at the Washington Pavilion

10. Teacher Contact Info.
You may contact Miss Jill or Miss Amanda anytime during the dance year if needed. Morning is best.

     •   Miss Amanda:

    •    Miss Jill:

    •    Miss Emily:
Please help us enforce the above rules and guidelines. We are looking forward to a fantastic dance year!

~Amanda Hahn, Jill Kunstle & Emily Smith