Babes, PreK & Tiny Tots
  • Leo of any color
  • Tights or socks (see below)
  • Pink Ballet Slippers: 
    • Capezio Child Leather Cobra-2033C
  • Black patent leather tap shoes: 
    • Child Jr. Tyette-N625C (girls)

 Tap (Kind.- 12th Grade)

  • Leo of any color
  • Tights- any color (see below)
  • Tap Shoes:
    • Kind-4th Gr: Black patent leather
    • Child Jr. Tyette-N625C (girls)
    • Capezio Tapster-442B (Boys)
    • 5-12th Gr: Black flat leather
    • Bloch Respect-S0361L (girls/ladies)
    • Bloch Audeo-S0381L(boys/mens)
  • Black Shorts/Jazz pants-optional

Lyrical (5th-12th Grade)

  •  Leo of any color
  • Tights-any color (see below)
  • Fitted top & capris

  • Kneepads
  • Shoes: Bloch Eclipse Leather- S0609

Ballet (Kind - 12th Grade)

  • Plain black leotard
  • Tights - Ballet Pink (see below)
  • Pink leather ballet slippers:
    • Leather Cobra - 2033C (child)
    • Leather Cobra- 2033 (adult)

Musical Theater 

(1st-12th Grade) 

  • Leo of any color
  • Form fitting jazz pants
  • Shoes:
  • 1st-6th Gr: Tan Jazz Shoes (See Jazz)
  • 7th-12th Gr: Tan 1" heel character
    • Capezio "Jr. Ftlight" 550 (Adult)
    • May wear any color jazz shoe for rehearsal


Please order shoes from the link below.  Black shoes and in "Taps" drop down box select "Install Buck Taps"

Male Students

  • Black biker shorts or jazz pants
  • T-Shirt-any color
  • Appropriate shoes (noted with classes)

Pointe (7-12th Grade)

  • Plain black leotard
  • Tights- Ballet Pink (see below)
Appropriate Pointe shoes 
may be fitted and purchased at The Danceline.

 Jazz (1st - 12th Grade)

  • Leo of any color
  • Tights- any color (see below)
  • Jazz Shoes:
    • 1st-6th Gr: Black 
    • Bloch Super Jazz- S0401G (Child)
    • Bloch Super Jazz- S0401L (Adult)
    • 7th-12th Grade: Tan
    • Bloch Super Jazz- S0401L (Adult)
  • Form fitting black shorts/jazz pants-optional

Hip Hop (3rd-12th Grade)

  • Leo of any color
  • Baggy pants
  • Baggy top
  • knee pads
  • 3rd-6th grades Hip Hop Sneakers: Black
    • Capezio canvas-DS03C (Child)
    • Capezio canvas- DS03 (Adult)
    • 7th-12 grades Any sneaker that is black, white and/or silver. 

All dancewear must cover your tummy at all times and have no logos or writing!
(With the exception of BritZa dancewear)


 Tights:  All Ballet students must wear full‐footed tights, convertible tights, or ankle‐length leggings for rehearsal. We recommend tights under shorts for warmth.

  • Capezio Child convertible (ballet pink) ‐ 1816C
  • Capezio Adult convertible (ballet pink or light suntan) ‐ 1816
  • Capezio Adult footed (ballet pink) ‐ 1825

Leg warmers are not to be worn by any student unless recommended by the teacher. (Instructors need to see your legs and ankles at all times.) 

Skirts are acceptable for Babes – 4th Graders and must be black, pink or white. 

Hair care: Shoulder length hair or longer must be in a ponytail & preferably a bun. Shorter hair needs to be pinned back. All students 7th grade and above with long hair must have their hair in a bun for Pointe & ballet classes. This is necessary to maintain proper balance and delivery of turns. This is not the teacher’s responsibility. 

Jewelry: No jewelry is to be worn during class. (Earring studs are allowed.) 

 All of the above dancewear may be purchased online at 

(Use Code #TP57875 for your one‐time 10% discount!!) Follow instructions below.

or at The Dance Line, 2109 S. Minnesota Ave.

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