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I started dancing with Miss Jill at the age of 4, and now I have the amazing opportunity to work alongside her.  While growing up I enjoyed attending dance camps in other cities such as Storling Dance Theater (Kansas City), Dance Adeum (Houston), and Project Dance Time Square (New York City). 

While at Calvin College I was a choreographer for two semesters of Dance Guild and performed in three semesters of Dance Guild.  I also took dance history classes and creative movement classes to expand my knowledge and imagination while studying the technical structure of ballet.

While taking dance from Miss Jill, I learned not only to dance, but also how to enhance myself as a person.  I learned self-respect, respect for others, confidence, and how to move as a group.  She also made me and still makes me feel so incredibly special.  As I teach alongside Miss Jill, I have realized the importance of making sure each student feels as loved and as special as she made me feel. 


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About Us

BritZa Studios is proud to celebrate its 30th year dancing with the Sioux Falls area, teaching thousands of students over the years.

BritZa offers a wide range of dance instruction including Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. BritZa offers nine months of instruction during the school year that culminates with an annual performance at the Washington Pavilion.

BritZa also offers three months of intensive classes over the summer including a dance camp with guest artists.

Britza has always put the saftey of dancers and staff first and has installed professional quality dance floors in all of our studios to protect dancers from injury.

BritZa Studios believes that dance should be an art form that is enjoyed and celebrated by the family and chooses age- appropriate movement, music and apparel for class and performances. This includes our annual recital, which the whole family will enjoy.


I have owned and operated BritZa Studios (formerly known as Music in Motion) for 29 years.  My dance education began when I was 5 years old in Ames, Iowa.  After only one year my family moved to Pierre where I was blessed to be able to study under Marjorie Forney.  I spent hundreds of hours at the Forney studio which is where I truly fell in love with dance. 

After graduation from high school, I had the opportunity to travel and perform in Up with People.  During my tour I learned invaluable lessons in performing, staging and lighting that continue to help me today.

Continuing my education is very important to me.  I attend conferences on an annual basis so that I can better educate my students while staying fresh and informed.

BritZa and the many children through the years have been a constant source of joy in my life.  I don't measure success in the numbers of dollars or how loud the applause is, but rather by the look on a child's face when he or she accomplishes a new step,  the friendships formed over the years of dancing with classmates,  the wide eyes of a four-year old on stage for the first time,  and even the tears of the senior students as they dance their final dance with BritZa and say goodbye to a chapter of their lives.  This is what success means to me and this is why I teach.